A vast range of finishes are available across all Meco products including:

  • tapware
  • accessories
  • bottle traps and wastes
  • flush plates
  • door hardware (on application)

This means a consistent colour finish across the project from one source.

The extent of the design palette can range into hundreds of finish options when you consider surface texture in combination with colour.


The sub state material is literally scratched by wire brushing in one direction. The electroplating is then applied, which follows the contours of the surface. This means that the surface is irregular with high points and lows. In high use applications, brushed products will wear prematurely due to contact with the high points only.


The sub state material is air blasted with media such as glass beads. The piece is then plated which leaves a dull matte finish to the colour. Durability is better than a brushed finish.


Also referred to as aging, the plated finish is exposed to mineral salts causing discolouration. The particular result is then “sealed” through application of a lacquer, either matt or gloss. Also, wax or oil can be applied to “seal” the finish and effectively stop further oxidation of the surface. Oil rubbed finishes are referred to as “living finishes”, as the effect of oxidation continues as the oil is lost due to rubbing and chemical cleaning.  These finishes will become lightest where they are rubbed the most.

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